Aquamax Commercial Cleaner

The Aquamax Series by Aqua Products offers the broadest line of Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaners on the market today.


AquaMax Pool Cleaner
Price: $1979.00 Qty

Thousands of Aquamax cleaners are hard at work every day of the year, cleaning pools in America's schools and universities, YMCA's, hotels and clubs. Our pool cleaners are made in our own facilities here in the U.S.A. This enables us to incorporate the latest technical developments in the Aquamax. Our extensive product line offers you, the commercial pool operator, access to a pool cleaner designed to meet your specific needs. We can even customize our cleaners to meet special requirements.

Aqua products builds the only commercial pool cleaners which clean your pool three ways. First, an Aquamax scrubs pool surfaces with its rotating power brushes to loosen debris. The dirt is then vacuumed into the body of the cleaner by Aquamax's internal vacuum pump. The water is microfiltered by the Aquamax's on board filtration system. No Two Pools Are Alike...Even if they have been built from the same design. Where they are, how they are built and how much they are used, even the climate and location dictate different cleaning requirements.

Technical Specifications - Aquamax
Quantity of Water Filtered: 5,100 Gallons per Hour
Cleaning Coverage: 7500 Sq. ft./hour
Electrical Cord Length: 120 ft.
Unit Weight: 27 lbs.
voltage in water: 24 Volts
Electrical Plug: 110v/60Hz or 220v/50Hz
Filtration - Micron Rating Self Contained – Down To 2 Microns
Wall/Floor Cleaning: 10% Wall 90% Floor
Shipping Dimensions: 19" x 14.5" x 13"
Shipping Weight: 45lbs.