Gemini Commercial Cleaner


Gemini Pool Cleaner
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The exciting new Gemini is designed to clean semi-Olympic and Olympic swimming pools and is fully automatic and completely self-contained. This cleaner utilizes the Aqua Smart System and is able to calculate the size of the pool and program itself to clean in 4 hours or less. Comes complete with infrared for changing directions as needed, caddy cart, 120' power cord and step-down transformer.

The GEMINI model has been designed for sophisticated and reliable pool cleaning with its newest, most up-to-date technology. The AQUA SMART SYSTEM is an intelligent program that enables the cleaner to fully cover and efficiently clean any standard commercial swimming pool in approximately 4 hours. Equipped with an infrared eye system to signal the brain of the cleaner to change direction as needed, should your facility present special cleaning situations like bulkheads, handicap ramps, highly polished tile pool walls or beach style wave pools. The new outer casings are manufactured with high quality plastics that will ensure maximum protection against the adverse pool elements.

Specifications Gemini

Pool Length 80 feet or 25 meter and larger
Volume of water filtered 10,000 Gallon per hour - 37.7cubic meter per hour
Cleaning Coverage 12.500 square ft per hour - 1156 square meter/hour
Floating Cable Length 120 feet (150 feet optional)
Drive Motor Two - DC brushless
High Speed Submersible
Pump Motor Two Brushless Submersible
Filter Reusable 2 Micron Large Capacity
Electrical Specifications 115 V/60 Hz, 300W 12A 230V/ 50 Hz, 300 W 12A
Voltage in Water 24 Volt
Dimensions 30" X 16.5" X 13" 76.2X76.2 X41.91 X 3 cm
Weight (w/o cables) 16.5 Kg. or 36.3 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 35" X 20.5" X 20.5" 88.9 X 52.07 X 52.07cm
Shipping Weight 114 lbs. or 51.8 Kg