Ultrabot Commercial Cleaner

Ultrabot Pool Cleaner
Price: $2,095.00 Qty

Like all AquaMaxes, it cleans virtually any surfaced pool (vinyl-lined, gunite, concrete, pebble tech, fiberglass, etc.) it provides full pool coverage, INCLUDING WALLS. The Ultra gobbles up algae, dirt and even large debris from the pool's surfaces and vacuums everything into its built-in, easy-to-clean, reusable micro-filter bag. It is especially convenient with its ability to Spot Clean and do quick, manually-directed clean ups.

The Ultrabot is significantly more powerful than even the AquaMax line with 4-Way remote directional control. Another of Aqua Products innovative robots that micro-filter a pool, this is the cleaner for the largest pools.Operating for pennies a day, the Ultrabot drastically reduces electricity, chemical and pool maintenance costs. It's durable and built to last and is virtually Maintenance-Free. Just change the brushes and drive belts every few years and treat it like a member of the family, and it will provide years of trouble-free service.

Model: Ultrabot
Remote Control
Cleaner Type: Robotic
For Pool Type:Inground
Power: Attached Transformer
Debris Disposal: Self-Contained microfilter bag
Cleaning Cycle Time: 7 hours
Installation Method: None-Electrical Cord
Brushing or Scrubbing Features: Power-Driven Brushes
Tread: Tractor-Like Included
Warranty: 1 Year